Roanoke Advertising History

In April of 2013, a member of The Roanoke Chapter of The American Advertising Federation asked me if I would be interested in helping with a project he had in mind. What he wanted to do was produce a movie documenting the history of advertising in Roanoke and the influence it had (and still has) throughout the region and even the country. My role would be to film some interviews. I said I would.

Nearly 30 interviews later, numerous volunteers to review and log footage, and teamwork from some of Roanoke’s top creatives and ad personnel, there now sits a large archive of stories, history, memories, and information that will soon become the documentary film “Shine: The Legacy of Roanoke’s Ad Men And Women”.

This short “sizzle reel” represents a tiny fraction of the interesting people and history that formed the foundation of the Roanoke Virginia advertising community. There’s till a lot of work to be done and I’m looking forward to contributing. Keep an eye out for the premier of the film in the near future by following the project on its Facebook page.