About Dave Perry – Director of Photography

About Dave Perry

Director of Photography Dave Perry on set of the short film “I'm In”.
Director of Photography Dave Perry on set of the short film “I’m In”.

I get to know my clients and what they like. No, not just for their project but in everyday life…what are their passions, what gives them joy, what turns them on, what pisses them off? I look forward to collaborating with people because I never know what they might inspire me to do.

My design career started in 1986 in the dinnerware and giftware business, designing and producing products for production potteries in Virginia and Maine. Working in that field until 1999, I learned a lot about efficient production, working in a design team, working with various clients, managing and meeting budgets and deadlines. Those skills have served me well in everything I’ve done since then.

In 1998, my digital media and graphics design skills were cultivated when I undertook the task of designing a web site for my then current employer. I’ve been involved in some sort of media production professionally ever since.

I’ve been a photographer all of my life and have worked in video since 2003. My experience ranges from editing corporate and broadcast video, to on-location set up and maintenance of camera, grip and lighting gear. During the mid 80’s to early 90’s I was a professional musician so I know my way around a stage or a set.

I’m a gear head at heart. I love cars, motorcycles, cameras, and machines of any kind. I love the sound of a small block Ford V-8 at full throttle and the smell of fresh cut grass and lawn mower exhaust in the morning. I’ve always tinkered with stuff and been able to fix or diagnose gear. I’ve even built some of my own production gear. I’m an Internet savvy tech-nerd as well.

Over the years Dave Perry has consistently proven he is a true artist in his field. From shooting to post production, you will not be disappointed.” – Jamal Millner, Creative Director, M3:GRAFIX

I have worked with Dave Perry extensively on a range of projects for many clients. He is focused, delivers excellent results and always brings good ideas to the project. Exceptionally easy to work with, reliable, and personable. Highly recommended.” – Todd Marcum , Partner at Access

When we hired Dave Perry to work on “The Dream Interpreter,” we knew we were hiring a high-quality worker, but he exceeded that.  Dave was an excellent problem solver, extremely easy to work with, and on top of that, he was beyond knowledgable, very motivated, and gave us the look we were trying to achieve in the film.  We couldn’t have asked for a more professional Gaffer/Key Grip on set despite our long hours.  If you ever get the chance to work with Dave, jump at the chance.” – Zak Kristofek, Virginia Tech Cinema Studies Graduate, 2013

Dave Perry is an award winning Roanoke Virginia Director of Photography, digital film producer, and editor. View DavePerryCinematographer on Vimeo.