A New Video For A New PR Company

Dave Perry Project on Vimeo.

The original idea behind this film was to create a simple, sincere, but direct message of what the company is and what it does. It was also important that the simplicity and sincerity be visually portrayed through spartan set design and wardrobe. The directness of the message is underscored by the organic music…simple but powerful drums, bass, piano, and guitar. The use of 1 second long clips timed to the 120 BPM music bed drives the message. We succeeded!

The original style inspiration for the film came from a David Sylvian music video called “Small Metal Gods”. It’s utilitarian, working class setting and black and white imagery were cues that we wanted in “The Company” but we decided to forego the black and white and go with monotone sets and wardrobe in color. As often happens, we decided to abandon the monotone set and wardrobe idea but kept the simple settings as sparse and minimalist as possible.

The film was shot at two locations using a Panasonic GH2 with Rokinon Cinema lenses, T31. 14mm, T1.5 24mm, and T1.5 35mm. Also used were a Panasonic f/3.5-4.6 14-42mm, and a vintage Nikon Nikkor S f/4 50mm.

What’s your favorite scene? Can you tell which scene was shot at night?


Dave Perry is a Roanoke Virginia digital film producer, editor and photographer. His sideburns are only a hobby.

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