Director of Photography

Director of Photography Dave Perry, on set of the short film “I’m In”.

In addition to turnkey production and post production work, Dave Perry is a Director of Photography for corporate, broadcast, and independent film production. Since 2003, Dave has worked with many talented crew members, directors, DPs, producers, and agencies to create powerful, award winning work. His critical eye for composition is evident in his compelling cinematography.

Dave is easy to work with and and get along with, never argues with a director yet has a strong vision for the work he does and is not afraid to experiment. He’s willing to work long days, just make sure he’s properly fed! He is resourceful and improvises well in tough situations.

Here’s a power list of Dave’s proven attributes (and maybe a few private secrets).

  • Experience with ENG, DSLRs, digital cinema, and film cameras
  • Is a great editor so he knows how to shoot for the edit
  • Has done work for NBC, Golf Channel, E! Entertainment, C-Span, AOL, Coca-Cola, and AkzoNobel
  • Owns all of his own gear and can get more any time it’s needed
  • Is a techno geek and invests in the latest equipment
  • Sometimes wears paisley boxers (under his pants of course)
  • Puts together a great crew ranging from run and gun field crew to feature film production
  • Is one of the best drivers you will ever ride with (no, seriously)
  • Courteous and has good manners (house trained as well)
  • Has worked in the creative world his entire life

Contact Dave to put him on your crew.

“Keep rocking it man. If it helps, I continue to be impressed not only with the speed you continue to deliver but also the level of quality your are maintaining, that ain’t easy and it is recognized and appreciated.” – Tony Pearman, CEO, Access.

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