Zeiss CP.2 vs. Schneider Xenon FF

Zeiss CP.2 Super Speed 50mm vs. Schneider Xenon FF 50mm from DavePerryCinematographerLLC on Vimeo. An Unscientific Test of the 50mm Zeiss CP.2 Super Speed and 50mm Schneider Xenon FF I’ve been considering upgrading my lens package for a while but it wasn’t until I was recently hired as a B-Camera operator to shoot pickups for […]

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Watching The Hateful Eight in “Glorious 70mm”

“Glorious 70mm” I saw the 70mm road show version of The Hateful Eight in Tampa the day after Christmas. It was an enjoyable film. It certainly lived up to the Tarantino level of blood splatter and gratuitous, forced, man-on-man sex. As far as it living up to its “glorious 70mm” projection, it did not impress […]

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Hateful Eight

Cameras Are For Christmas…Lenses Are For a Lifetime

Ever since video went digital, there has been an elusive search for the filmic look. What are the elements of a cinematic image? Many people think it’s just a matter of getting the latest and greatest camera and shooting at 24 frames per second, and BAM!, instant film look. Nothing could be further from the […]

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What Is Color Grading And Why Is It Important?

Color is light waves that are bounced of of an object, or emitted from a light source, and perceived by our eyes. Just like sound for our ears, there is a specific spectrum of light wave frequencies that our eyes perceive as color. Just as sound can elicit feelings, color can do the same thing. Color is […]

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