I Live in Roanoke Virginia

I’m really proud of my home town, Roanoke Virginia, right now. Although I’m from Richmond, I’ve lived here long enough to feel native…educated here, married here, divorced here, moved away from here, raised children here, divorced here again, broken here, healed here, started a business here…I live here. Deschutes Brewery has decided to move Roanoke…to […]

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A “GD” and two F-bombs

So I won a Gold Addy at the 2013 Western Virginia  for “The Culture of Silver Seas PR”, a short film. To be honest I didn’t think I would win anything but at least I would get the film in front of some eyeballs. Well, if I want to be honest though, I wouldn’t have entered […]

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Dave Perry Project Wins Gold at 2013 Western Virginia Addy Awards!

Dave Perry Project won a Gold Addy in “Elements of Advertising-Cinematography” at the 2013 Western Virginia Addy Awards February 23 for the short film “The Culture of Silver Seas PR”. The film was done for Silver Seas PR, which specializes in media coverage for cultural creatives, and features local and nationally acclaimed creatives. Credits go to: Dave […]

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