Ticket Booth

This was one of a series of videos Dave shot and edited while working for Carter Media during the renovation of Roanoke’s Center In The Square. The Architectural firm Spectrum Design wanted to document the job so they called on their advertising and PR agency, Access, to handle the project. Having worked with Access for years, Carter Media was asked to produce the series.


Center In The Square Renovation – Ticket Booth from DavePerryCinematographerLLC on Vimeo.

This particular episode was shot with a Sony FS700 using a Nikon AF 35mm-70mm F/2.8 for interior shots and the Sony kit lens for exteriors. Graded in FCP X. There are also a couple of iPhone 5 shots in there as well. Can you tell which ones they are?

Agency: Access
Client: Spectrum Design
Employer: Carter Media