Moss Arts Center Creating Community Partnerships

The Moss Arts Center offers engaging creative opportunities for youth in the community of Blacksburg Virginia to form lasting partnerships. Domestic and international performers give kids a chance for direct interaction with artists and performers to develop skills, express their creativity and interact with new cultures.

Circus Oz

Credited with revitalizing a traditional art form in a uniquely Australian way, Circus Oz is a rock ‘n’ roll, animal-free circus that has influenced the development of circus arts around the world.

From New York to Hong Kong, Circus Oz has taken its self-crafted performances of wit, grace, and spectacle to 26 countries across five continents, to critical acclaim.

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is a stand-out star in the family music scene, combining the excitement of hip-hop with the magical world of childhood. Mixing sophisticated instrumental funk and positive, witty wordplay, he has earned a loyal national following.