Young Innovators of Martinsville

Martinsville – Henry County Innovators

“Innovate”  is a campaign designed by Anstey-Hodge Advertising Group to empower people in Martinsville-Henry County to get a good education and to encourage innovative thinking, to create awareness of career opportunities with new and growing area companies and to acquire the skills to become sought-after job candidates.

DPC produced a series of films focusing on successful up and coming entrepreneurs, manufacturing, and service professionals in the Martinsville – Henry County region, who after getting their education decided to come back to the area to work and practice their skills.

These were all filmed using a hacked Panasonic GH2 using the Flowmotin v2 firmware hack. The hack enables the camera to shoot at 100 Mb/s as opposed to the factory 24 Mb/s. Rokinon cinema lenses were used as well as a vintage Nikon Nikkor S 50mm f1.4 and a Nikon AF 35-70mm f/2.8.





Rooster Walk