J.S. Perry & Co.

A story of relationship building with fine home builder Steve Perry of Clearwater Florida, this corporate short film highlights his skills, creativity, and passion as he builds and maintains relationships with his clients, employees, and family. As a man who “loves the smell of freshly hung drywall”, it was important to focus on telling a story of a kid who turned his lifelong passion for build things, into a successful, award winning career and a strong family buisness.

Steve originally wanted to talk about accolades, specs, and facts. DPC-LLC stressed the importance of the story behind his success and the zeal with which he does his work. There was no formal script and no narrator, however, through interviews with clients, co-workers, and family the story built itself and Steve’s enthusiasm comes through in his Sh%# eatin’ grin.


“I love it! What an amazing story you’ve created. Brought a tear to my eye. You are a master! I’m so glad we relied on your expertise to create this piece. I would have spun off into oblivion without your guidance and creativity.” – Steve Perry, President, J.S. Perry & Co.