“I’m In”

Meet Wilfred Alderson, the man you know only inside his own mind.


WINNER: Best Local Film, Audience Choice – Bike Shorts Film Festival


Have you ever wondered what goes on in someone else’s head when they’re alone? Do you ever wonder if others think the same way you do? Wilfred Alderson, the man you know only inside his own mind, is the central character to a ‪DPC-LLC‬ short film production.

An intimate look inside the mind of a man dealing with depression and recovery, a brief journey in finding new ways of being, while fighting the familiar anxieties that haunt you, “I’m In” reveals the inner ramblings of the mind of a man during moments of solitude, exercising, work, sleep, wandering… Sound boring? Well, you’ve never heard the unfiltered inner dialogue of Wilfred Alderson.

Shot in Roanoke Virginia with local talent and production crew, co-directed by William Sellari and Dave Perry, the story looks at how the main character Wilfred Alderson deals with his thoughts by riding a bicycle, and that some things are better left as thoughts. Written by Director of Photography Dave Perry, the genesis of the story came from his own experience with depression and how one’s thought process and feelings change through simply riding a bicycle.

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Co-Directed by
William Sellari/Dave Perry

Written by
Dave Perry

Director of Photography
Dave Perry

Kathryn J. Hatam

Executive Producer
Dave Perry

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I'm In - Movie Poster
I’m In – Movie Poster