4k Demo Reel

Blackmagic Production Camera 4k Footage

I received my Blackmagic Production Camera 4k in February 2014 and since then have learned quite a bit about it and used it almost exclusivley for all of my professional work. In that time I’ve gathered enough footage to put together a demo reel strictly of 4k footage. All of the shots were shot in 4k with the Blackmagic camera with the exception of the last shot, a time lapse shot in 4k stills with a Panasonic GH2. All of the shots with the exception of the Harley shots were pulled from commercial projects.

Some of the shots show alternate takes and grades from projects, including “Blue Ridge Standard Time” done for Virginia’s Blue Ridge. Everything was edited in Final Cut Pro X, and about half of it was graded in DaVinci Resolve 10.