4K CinemaDNG RAW

Non-proprietary 4K CinemaDNG RAW, higher dynamic range, highest resolution and detail, more creative flexibility in post, freedom from the limitations of codecs….

Dave has been shooting RAW still photography for years so the RAW post production process is not new to him. He has also seen tons and tons of proprietary RAW formats come to market, often requiring their own software to view and finalize the images. This is why DPC-LLC has chosen the Blackmagic Cinema Production Camera 4K for production. With the release of firmware version 1.8, Blackmagic Design has unlocked the camera’s ability to shoot RAW.

Rather than relying on its own proprietary file format, Blackmagic uses the CinemaDNG (digital negative) format originally developed by Adobe in 2008. 4K CinemaDNG RAW truly is digital film, as it is a sequence of individual digital still images, mimicking the series of images shot to traditional film. This adds an improved, more natural look to digital motion pictures. It also ensures longevity of archived projects because of its interoperability.

Shooting RAW means that no camera processing has been applied to the image while it’s still in camera. It’s just raw data that’s been collected from each individual photosite (often incorrectly referred to as pixels) on the camera’s sensor.Technically speaking, all digital cameras shoot RAW but after the raw data is acquired,  a camera applies a myriad of proprietary algorithms for smoothing, sharpening, luma and chrominance enhancements, pixel shifting, etc., etc.

None of this can be changed in post. This is why certain cameras become know for certain looks that are “baked in” to the final image.

When shooting CinemaDNG RAW, the camera settings chosen on set can be used for the final image, or the final decision for settings such as sharpness, white balance, highlight recovery, and shadow detail can be made in post-production. Shooting RAW allows the director of photography, the client, and the editor the freedom to make creative decisions during post production that are otherwise not possible. Shooting CinemaDNG RAW can also help prevent a reshoot because of a conscious editorial decision made to change the look of a shot, or less than perfect camera settings used on location because of time and budget constraints. This is NOT the same as color grading or color correction in post production. Shooting CinemaDNG RAW is as if you have the option of changing camera settings AFTER the image has been shot!

Shooting at 4K resolution means that your image size is 4096×2160, 4000×2160, or 3840×2160 pixels. 3840×2160 is 4 times the resolution of 1080p HD. 4096×2160 is the standard for Digital Cinema Package (DCP) theatrical projection. From production through distribution, the 4K resolution pipeline is maintained from camera to projection booth for short films, documentaries, features, and pre-show cinema advertising.

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Industry Support for CinemaDNG

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  • Marquise Technologies
  • MXF4mac
  • RadiantGrid Technologies
  • Silicon Imaging
  • Synthetic Aperture
  • The Foundry
  • ViewPLUS
  • Vision Research
  • Aaton
  • Advanced Architectures
  • Adobe Systems
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  • Avid
  • Blackmagic Design
  • Cine-tal
  • Convergent Design
  • Fastec Imaging
  • Fraunhofer IIS
  • Gamma & Densit
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