Hired Gun – Director of Photography


This video was a joint project between AkzoNobel Global, Apple Ridge Farm, and DPC-LLC. Kristyn Godlew, Internal Engagement Manager, AkzoNobel Troy Michigan, contacted DPC-LLC in early May 2016 to discuss covering the dedication of Ebase USA, located at Apple Ridge Farm in Floyd County Virginia. Two days of shooting were scheduled to interview James Bray, the AkzoNobel employee who spearheaded the development of Ebase USA, and Peter Lewis, founder and former Executive Director of Apple Ridge Farm. The footage from those shoots was sent to Denise Harrison, AkzoNobel Amsterdam, where it was edited by Roland Sonneveldt and Michiel ten Kleij of Zcene Moving Media.

Abandon Films

Abandon Films, Lynchburg Virginia, hired Dave as Director of Photography for a series of spots Directed by Justin Rossbacher of Abandon Films, for Virginia Energy Sense. DPC-LLC was responsible for directing photography as well as providing all G&E for the production of three spots. Post production was by Abandon Films.


This series of spots was shot on the Blackmagic Production Camera 4k for M3:GRAFIX of Roanoke Virginia. Rokinon Cinema lenses were used in the following focal lengths: 16mm T 2.2, 24mm T1.5, and 50mm T1.5. DPC-LLC was contracted to coordinate the shoot and grade the footage. All color grading was done in DaVinci Resolve and exported to 2k and 4k resolutions in ProRes 422 HQ for delivery to M3:GRAFIX where editorial and graphics were completed.