Filming Resumes For “This Is For Josephine Brown”

It’s taken a while but the short film “This iIs For Josephine Brown” is back in production. The DPC crew, with Director Michael Boyd and Director of Photography Dave Perry, resumed filming July 7 at the Salem Fair in Salem Virginia. The decision to shoot at the Fair was a personal one for Dave and it made sense to him and Michael to use the Fair as an opportunity to rekindle the creative spirit behind the film.

It was a hot day and a fantastic crowd was on hand for the fair. Carey Harveycutter Director of Tourism for Salem Virginia and Salem Fair Director was very accommodating to the DPC crew. The evening started off with a meeting with Heidi Deggeler of Deggeler Attractions to get authorization to film in the midway and to discuss the film.

Along the way, pronto dogs and fries were eaten, sodas were swilled, a family of fair goers was used as extras, and a tense scene in the film was almost interpreted as a real conflict by onlookers.