DaVinci Resolve Film and Video Post Production

Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve – A Great Combination

DaVinci Resolve video post production-Roanoke Virginia

DPC-LLC is available for anything from final finishing and color grading of  short films, feature films, TV spots, and TV shows, to turn key start-to-finish edits.

DPC-LLC is an Apple based DaVinci Resolve video post production shop and embraces the streamlined workflow of Final Cut Pro X. DPC-LLC ingests most formats and outputs to just about any format and codec needed for broadcast and film distribution across any platform.

DaVinci Resolve is recognized world wide as the most powerful and flexible color grading and color correction system. More blockbuster feature films have been graded in Resolve than any other grading system. Together with the Blackmagic Cameras and Blackmagic video post production playback hardware, DPC-LLC is suited for anything from corporate and broadcast to feature film production and post production.

The post-production process is often very surprising. In the editorial stage of a project, sometimes the editor will uncover a compelling and powerful story that was not originally envisioned. Subtle differences in color and light can change the feeling of a scene and bring to life the original vision of the writer and director. A shot that might not have been principal in production, can become a critical shot in post-production. A good editor can find those pieces and arrange them in a powerful, exciting, fun, or personalized story or message.

That’s what DPC-LLC does.

  • Film editing, corporate video, broadcast post production
  • DaVinci Resolve color grading and correction
  • Compositing
  • Compression for Internet and mobile distribution
  • Standards and file format conversions
  • DVD authoring

Located at 1111 Shenandoah Avenue NW, Roanoke, Virginia at Factory, the DPC-LLC Post Production Studio is cozy and comfortable. With amenities like wi-fi, on-site parking, a full kitchen, client workstation,  and client viewing area, it’s well suited for client edit sessions whether it’s simply to check in on a project, or extended sessions of logging dailies, color grading, or editing a final cut. It’s a place where clients can relax, feel comfortable, and be at home while working on a long edit session.

The client viewing area features a 50″ Panasonic Plasma display which offers superior color and black rendering over LED displays and allows viewing from any angle in the room with virtually no shift in color or brightness.

Contact Dave for more information on how to achieve a compelling and clear-cut visual solution.

“I got a great vibe when I first walked in.” – Keith Thomas, KTP Creative Designs & Production.


Post production rates are hourly based. Estimates are also given for turnkey projects which include all pre-production, production, post production, and travel (where applicable). Post production can be done at DPC-LLC or a client provided facility. Post production done at a client provided facility will be billed at half of the regular rate.